My name is John Laurits. 

Picture of John LauritsIt doesn’t matter whether I’m tinkering with the boundaries of reality in a story or using poetry to play with the mysterious structure of language & meaning, crafting articles to challenge conventional narratives with math & logic or simply writing essays on strange or interesting topics —

writing is the way I make sense of the world.
I write because I literally have to
writing is the only way I know
to remain sane.

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  1. Hi John,
    I tried to DM you in Twitter but since you don’t follow me couldn’t. I recommended you to YahNe but want to discuss offline. DM me @opheliapg or send me a quick email pls🙏


  2. john, i read yr experience of being, what i believe, was possibly intentionally highjacked at the convention rally. i had signed up to receive Kshama’s emails and rec’d one that blatantly misled me. i can’t find it but i think she said something like bernie had either dropped out or endorsed hitlary – but he hadn’t yet. i wrote back that i had expected better and unsubscribed.


  3. Hi John,
    Do you happen to have accurate update pledged delegate count that Sanders and Clinton have after late ballot count that netted I think 30 for Sanders and any shifts after state conventions? I have searched everywhere and can’t find updated final count.


    • In the next couple of months: Be patient with bernie. He is trying to do the best like in his whole political career. He is the father of the revolution. But inform about and work also at the green party! Jill Stein is now isolated but could become a powerful figure in this game.

      Redacted tonight:

      H A Goodman:

      Tim Black:

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  4. It’s July 12, and BERNIE SANDERS just officially endorsed HILLARY CLINTON . Now What ? Now what do us BERNIE OR BUST, NEVER HILLARY, do ? I feel absolutely betrayed. He has given up. We all thought he was going to fight all the way to the convention, where there was going to be a big contested fight. I truly believe that we had the numbers on our side , and that it was going to turn around, and Senator Sanders would be the nominee . WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED ? ?


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